Friday, April 8, 2011

Lunchtime: Rhumba's

Decisions decisions! Its lunch time and for those who want good cheap food in the Docklands, it is quite a conquest. For those prepared to wander over to the ANZ centre on Collins St, you will find numerous eateries around the largest office building in the country. One of those is a place called Rhumba's, inside the building itself.

They have a selection of pre-made panninis and italian wraps, and also a lasagna, and pies. Today I decided to have a Chicken and Mushroom pie, something that has brought me quite some joy over a few lunchtimes. For $8.50 you get quite a big pie with real chunks of chicken and mushroom, all with a crispy pastry.

For $6 this would be a steal, but its understandable coming out of the Docklands, the quality of the ingredients and the probable high rent they pay explain the premium. Not the mention the dozen or so staff making sure you get your pie in minutes.

But maybe thats the issue with good food and the Docklands, the question as to why they are so mutually exclusive is maybe an argument for another day. But a combination of high rental and lack of customers unless you're in an office building is stymieing the development of the area as a dining destination for breakfast, lunch and especially dinner.

Stay tuned for more lunchtime takeaway adventures!


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